Published June 2, 2021

3 Things That Happen at The Global Leadership Summit

Back by popular demand, Albert Tate has been added to this year’s world-class leadership faculty lineup for The Global Leadership Summit on August 5-6, 2021! With fresh, hopeful leadership insight, especially for this year, Albert will drop the mic with the wisdom, encouragement and amazing humor he’s best known for. 

Check out Albert Tate’s thoughts on the three things that can happen at The Global Leadership Summit this year!

The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is a game-changer in people’s lives— tapping into potential, inspiring vision and developing leadership in order to bring about much-needed positive change.

In fact, I’ve seen three things happen at the Summit each year…

I don’t care what you’ve been told before, but you’re a leader and you have influence.

1. The Summit reminds us we are leaders.

It reminds me I’m born to be here. I’m a leader and I have influence. The GLS has the audacity to say, I don’t care what you’ve been told before, but you’re a leader and you have influence. Everyday people can be great leaders. The GLS puts people in front of us to remind us of who we are. It reminds us that our leadership matters, wherever we are—what we do and who we are really matters.


2. The Summit calls us up.

I personally get called up and punched in the gut with fresh motivation and insight… I am reminded that not only am I a leader, but I’m also being called up. I am reminded of the things I need to work on, the things I need to do better. The GLS reminds us so well that our leadership matters, and also stretches us to be better.


3. The Summit sends us out.

The GLS says, go out and be great. It reminds me that we need leadership like never before. We also need to think about the kind of leadership we need. We need to make courageous decisions so that a generation will talk about the sacrifices we made. We need generation-impacting leadership. We need to think bigger, act more courageously and lead like never before.


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Albert Tate

Albert Tate

Founder & Lead Pastor

Fellowship Church

Albert Tate is the founding pastor of Fellowship Church—one of the fastest-growing multiethnic churches in the United States. He began in ministry pastoring just a few families at Sweet Home Church in Mississippi before serving the historic Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, California. Hearing the call from God to plant a church, Albert and his wife, LaRosa, launched Fellowship Monrovia in January 2012. In its short history, this Gospel- centered, multiethnic, intergenerational church has already established a solid foothold in the region for life transformation to the glory and honor of Christ. As a dynamic communicator, Tate is passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ both to the local church and the global community. Blending the power of storytelling with a good sense of humor, Tate enjoys illustrating God’s amazing grace and love in church, academic and conference settings. Additionally, Tate serves on the Board of Trustees at Azusa Pacific University, the Global Leadership Network and Global Church Planting Organization, Stadia. He was recently published in Letters to a Birmingham Jail: A Response to the Words and Dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and in 2018, he launched the Albert Tate Podcast.

Years at GLS 2015, 2020, 2021